What we do

We work with group of professionals and student to find solutions for the eye care problems


Ask the experts, providers, and patients about the problems in the eye care.


Organize Hackathons to find practical solutions with group of dynamic professionals and students


Implement and research the outcomes of the solutions


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We started in 2014 with the hope of gathering ideas from the patients, students, eye care providers, academicians and researchers with the hope of doing a group of activities to find solutions for various eye care problems. Hope was to disrupt the present slow research process in the health care with all new tech-inspired hackathons.

Dr. Thomas Wong, OD FAAO

Dr. Thomas Wong, OD FAAO


Dr. Thomas Wong was chief of adult and pediatric primary care at the University Eye Center from 2011 to 2015. Previously, he worked with Kaiser Permanente in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.


Here is the list of projects we are working on.

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